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Help Halo get his knee surgery!

Halo was rescued from Orange County Animal Services (Orlando) 4.5 years ago.  He was originally adopted out as a 2 month puppy from the county shelter and then found wandering the streets of Orlando at 10 months of age.  He was found with a broken tail (which had to be amputated) and we think he was being overlooked because he was not responding to sound. Poor Halo was on his last day at the shelter, but lots of people were rooting for him to get out. We knew he was special.

We quickly found out that Halo is deaf, and when Inga took him in at 1 year of age, she trained him using hand signals so that they can communicate.  Halo was a quick learner and amazed all that met him.  Halo helps out with the rescue by teaching the puppies and adult dogs the “rules” of the house.  He shows them right from wrong.  He shows them where they can and cannot go.  If they are sick or injured, he knows this and cuddles with them.  If they are insecure, he helps them gain confidence.  When kittens arrive, he grooms them and allows them to cuddle up to him as if he is their momma.  Halo does so much for the community and the rescue.

Halo had knee surgery back on May 1 of this year, that cost $3,000.00.  For reasons unclear to us, he has not healed properly and now requires corrective knee surgery which will require knee replacement using surgical steel to reconstruct his knee so he can again use all four legs and be a “normal, happy” guy. And more importantly, to continue to work with the rescue and community.

What has Halo done in the community?  Halo has been to a variety of middle schools in the Palm Beach County area, showing children and adults alike what a great dog, and more importantly, just how sweet, gently, kind, and loving pitbulls are.  Before Halo became unable to walk, strolls through the community meeting neighbors – friend and foe alike – helped skeptical people to change their minds and thoughts about this wonderful breed.  Now they wait for Halo each day to say hello.  Unfortunately, it’s been months since he’s been able to walk and we want him out there again working with the rescue and the community!

As you can tell, Halo is a very special guy to us and he has overcome so much – We want to give him the best chance to keep his leg. His new surgery is an additional $5,000 - $6,000, but we are only asking $3000.00 to help his mom offset the costs.

We need Halo to get back to “work” and help us with our rescue and community work.

Please help us by donating $5, $10, $25 - no donation is too small! Thank you all for your support!

Lady Luck Animal Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 541716
Lake Worth, FL 33454



- See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/halo-needs-reconstructive-knee-surgery-/204463#sthash.BctwsKUZ.dpuf

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Story told to me by Wraloa. While he was at work, a child walked up to him and told him this very thing with a straight face. I saw a kid with a Lego Movie shirt on and thought of him. I was on a roll.

Story told to me by Wraloa.

While he was at work, a child walked up to him and told him this very thing with a straight face. I saw a kid with a Lego Movie shirt on and thought of him. I was on a roll.

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